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  The Future of Farming
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Penyemprotan Padi dengen mengggunakan Alat Drone di klaim memiliki hasil yang lebih sempurna dan lebih merata dalam penyemprotan, namun untuk harga yang dikeluarkan dalam sekali penyemprotan memang aga sesikit mahal.



Latvian company Aerones created the machine, which - according to the company - can fly up to 984 feet, compared to 100-foot-height that firefighter ladders can reach. The drone is fitted with a water hose from a fire truck, and is controlled by a pilot on the ground remotely. However, the drone does suffer from low battery life, providing only 30 minutes flight time from a 90-minute charge. It′s still in development, but Aerones hopes to use the machine for real-life operations soon.



Technology is revolutionizing farming. That′s great news—by the year 2050 Earth′s population will be 10 billion, so we need to almost double the amount of food we now produce.